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Currency converter, exchange rate calculator

Currency converter - online conversion of any world currency to the today rate. Money converter monitors daily foreign exchange rates in Central Banks for 173 currencies.
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World exchange rates. Money converter.

US dollar (USD):
US dollar to Euro   US dollar to bitcoin   US dollar to yuan   US dollar to yen  
Euro (EUR):
Euro to US dollar   Euro to bitcoin   Euro to yuan   Euro to yen  
Bitcoin (BTC):
Bitcoin to US dollar   Bitcoin to Euro   Bitcoin to yuan   Bitcoin to yen  
Yuan (CNY):
Yuan to US dollar   Yuan to Euro   Yuan to bitcoin   Yuan to yen  
Yen (JPY):
Yen to US dollar   Yen to Euro   Yen to bitcoin   Yen to yuan  

Exchange rates. All world currency conversion.

Afghan afghani (AFN):
Afghan afghani to US dollar   Afghan afghani to Euro   Afghan afghani to bitcoin   Afghan afghani to yuan   Afghan afghani to yen  
Albanian lek (ALL):
Albanian lek to US dollar   Albanian lek to Euro   Albanian lek to bitcoin   Albanian lek to yuan   Albanian lek to yen  
Algerian dinar (DZD):
Algerian dinar to US dollar   Algerian dinar to Euro   Algerian dinar to bitcoin   Algerian dinar to yuan   Algerian dinar to yen  
Antilliaanse gulden (ANG):
Antilliaanse gulden to US dollar   Antilliaanse gulden to Euro   Antilliaanse gulden to bitcoin   Antilliaanse gulden to yuan   Antilliaanse gulden to yen  
Argentine peso (ARS):
Argentine peso to US dollar   Argentine peso to Euro   Argentine peso to bitcoin   Argentine peso to yuan   Argentine peso to yen  
Armenian dram (AMD):
Armenian dram to US dollar   Armenian dram to Euro   Armenian dram to bitcoin   Armenian dram to yuan   Armenian dram to yen  
Aruban florin (AWG):
Aruban florin to US dollar   Aruban florin to Euro   Aruban florin to bitcoin   Aruban florin to yuan   Aruban florin to yen  
Aussie dollar (AUD):
Aussie dollar to US dollar   Aussie dollar to Euro   Aussie dollar to bitcoin   Aussie dollar to yuan   Aussie dollar to yen  
Azerbaijani manat (AZN):
Azerbaijani manat to US dollar   Azerbaijani manat to Euro   Azerbaijani manat to bitcoin   Azerbaijani manat to yuan   Azerbaijani manat to yen  
Bahamian dollar (BSD):
Bahamian dollar to US dollar   Bahamian dollar to Euro   Bahamian dollar to bitcoin   Bahamian dollar to yuan   Bahamian dollar to yen  
Bahrain dinar (BHD):
Bahrain dinar to US dollar   Bahrain dinar to Euro   Bahrain dinar to bitcoin   Bahrain dinar to yuan   Bahrain dinar to yen  
Bangladesh taka (BDT):
Bangladesh taka to US dollar   Bangladesh taka to Euro   Bangladesh taka to bitcoin   Bangladesh taka to yuan   Bangladesh taka to yen  
Barbados dollar (BBD):
Barbados dollar to US dollar   Barbados dollar to Euro   Barbados dollar to bitcoin   Barbados dollar to yuan   Barbados dollar to yen  
Belarusian ruble (BYN):
Belarusian ruble to US dollar   Belarusian ruble to Euro   Belarusian ruble to bitcoin   Belarusian ruble to yuan   Belarusian ruble to yen  
Belize dollar (BZD):
Belize dollar to US dollar   Belize dollar to Euro   Belize dollar to bitcoin   Belize dollar to yuan   Belize dollar to yen  
Bermuda dollar (BMD):
Bermuda dollar to US dollar   Bermuda dollar to Euro   Bermuda dollar to bitcoin   Bermuda dollar to yuan   Bermuda dollar to yen  
Bhutan ngultrum (BTN):
Bhutan ngultrum to US dollar   Bhutan ngultrum to Euro   Bhutan ngultrum to bitcoin   Bhutan ngultrum to yuan   Bhutan ngultrum to yen  
Bolivian boliviano (BOB):
Bolivian boliviano to US dollar   Bolivian boliviano to Euro   Bolivian boliviano to bitcoin   Bolivian boliviano to yuan   Bolivian boliviano to yen  
Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark (BAM):
Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark to US dollar   Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark to Euro   Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark to bitcoin   Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark to yuan   Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark to yen  
Botswana pula (BWP):
Botswana pula to US dollar   Botswana pula to Euro   Botswana pula to bitcoin   Botswana pula to yuan   Botswana pula to yen  
Brazilian real (BRL):
Brazilian real to US dollar   Brazilian real to Euro   Brazilian real to bitcoin   Brazilian real to yuan   Brazilian real to yen  
Brunei dollar (BND):
Brunei dollar to US dollar   Brunei dollar to Euro   Brunei dollar to bitcoin   Brunei dollar to yuan   Brunei dollar to yen  
Bulgarian lev (BGN):
Bulgarian lev to US dollar   Bulgarian lev to Euro   Bulgarian lev to bitcoin   Bulgarian lev to yuan   Bulgarian lev to yen  
Burmese kyat (MMK):
Burmese kyat to US dollar   Burmese kyat to Euro   Burmese kyat to bitcoin   Burmese kyat to yuan   Burmese kyat to yen  
Burundi franc (BIF):
Burundi franc to US dollar   Burundi franc to Euro   Burundi franc to bitcoin   Burundi franc to yuan   Burundi franc to yen  
CFC franc (XOF):
CFC franc to US dollar   CFC franc to Euro   CFC franc to bitcoin   CFC franc to yuan   CFC franc to yen  
CFC franc (XAF):
CFC franc to US dollar   CFC franc to Euro   CFC franc to bitcoin   CFC franc to yuan   CFC franc to yen  
Cambodian riel (KHR):
Cambodian riel to US dollar   Cambodian riel to Euro   Cambodian riel to bitcoin   Cambodian riel to yuan   Cambodian riel to yen  
Canadian dollar (CAD):
Canadian dollar to US dollar   Canadian dollar to Euro   Canadian dollar to bitcoin   Canadian dollar to yuan   Canadian dollar to yen  
Cape Verde escudo (CVE):
Cape Verde escudo to US dollar   Cape Verde escudo to Euro   Cape Verde escudo to bitcoin   Cape Verde escudo to yuan   Cape Verde escudo to yen  
Cayman Islands dollar (KYD):
Cayman Islands dollar to US dollar   Cayman Islands dollar to Euro   Cayman Islands dollar to bitcoin   Cayman Islands dollar to yuan   Cayman Islands dollar to yen  
Chilean Unidad de Fomento (CLF):
Chilean Unidad de Fomento to US dollar   Chilean Unidad de Fomento to Euro   Chilean Unidad de Fomento to bitcoin   Chilean Unidad de Fomento to yuan   Chilean Unidad de Fomento to yen  
Chilean peso (CLP):
Chilean peso to US dollar   Chilean peso to Euro   Chilean peso to bitcoin   Chilean peso to yuan   Chilean peso to yen  
Colombian peso (COP):
Colombian peso to US dollar   Colombian peso to Euro   Colombian peso to bitcoin   Colombian peso to yuan   Colombian peso to yen  
Comoran franc (KMF):
Comoran franc to US dollar   Comoran franc to Euro   Comoran franc to bitcoin   Comoran franc to yuan   Comoran franc to yen  
Congolese franc (CDF):
Congolese franc to US dollar   Congolese franc to Euro   Congolese franc to bitcoin   Congolese franc to yuan   Congolese franc to yen  
Costa Rica colon (CRC):
Costa Rica colon to US dollar   Costa Rica colon to Euro   Costa Rica colon to bitcoin   Costa Rica colon to yuan   Costa Rica colon to yen  
Croatian kuna (HRK):
Croatian kuna to US dollar   Croatian kuna to Euro   Croatian kuna to bitcoin   Croatian kuna to yuan   Croatian kuna to yen  
Cuban peso (CUP):
Cuban peso to US dollar   Cuban peso to Euro   Cuban peso to bitcoin   Cuban peso to yuan   Cuban peso to yen  
Czech koruna (CZK):
Czech koruna to US dollar   Czech koruna to Euro   Czech koruna to bitcoin   Czech koruna to yuan   Czech koruna to yen  
Danish crown (DKK):
Danish crown to US dollar   Danish crown to Euro   Danish crown to bitcoin   Danish crown to yuan   Danish crown to yen  
Djibouti franc (DJF):
Djibouti franc to US dollar   Djibouti franc to Euro   Djibouti franc to bitcoin   Djibouti franc to yuan   Djibouti franc to yen  
Dominican peso (DOP):
Dominican peso to US dollar   Dominican peso to Euro   Dominican peso to bitcoin   Dominican peso to yuan   Dominican peso to yen  
East Caribbean dollar (XCD):
East Caribbean dollar to US dollar   East Caribbean dollar to Euro   East Caribbean dollar to bitcoin   East Caribbean dollar to yuan   East Caribbean dollar to yen  
Egyptian pound (EGP):
Egyptian pound to US dollar   Egyptian pound to Euro   Egyptian pound to bitcoin   Egyptian pound to yuan   Egyptian pound to yen  
Estonian kroon (EEK):
Estonian kroon to US dollar   Estonian kroon to Euro   Estonian kroon to bitcoin   Estonian kroon to yuan   Estonian kroon to yen  
Ethiopian birr (ETB):
Ethiopian birr to US dollar   Ethiopian birr to Euro   Ethiopian birr to bitcoin   Ethiopian birr to yuan   Ethiopian birr to yen  
Falkland Islands pound (FKP):
Falkland Islands pound to US dollar   Falkland Islands pound to Euro   Falkland Islands pound to bitcoin   Falkland Islands pound to yuan   Falkland Islands pound to yen  
Fiji dollar (FJD):
Fiji dollar to US dollar   Fiji dollar to Euro   Fiji dollar to bitcoin   Fiji dollar to yuan   Fiji dollar to yen  
French Pacific franc (XPF):
French Pacific franc to US dollar   French Pacific franc to Euro   French Pacific franc to bitcoin   French Pacific franc to yuan   French Pacific franc to yen  
Gambian dalasi (GMD):
Gambian dalasi to US dollar   Gambian dalasi to Euro   Gambian dalasi to bitcoin   Gambian dalasi to yuan   Gambian dalasi to yen  
Georgian lari (GEL):
Georgian lari to US dollar   Georgian lari to Euro   Georgian lari to bitcoin   Georgian lari to yuan   Georgian lari to yen  
Ghana cedi (GHS):
Ghana cedi to US dollar   Ghana cedi to Euro   Ghana cedi to bitcoin   Ghana cedi to yuan   Ghana cedi to yen  
Gibraltar pound (GIP):
Gibraltar pound to US dollar   Gibraltar pound to Euro   Gibraltar pound to bitcoin   Gibraltar pound to yuan   Gibraltar pound to yen  
Guarani (PYG):
Guarani to US dollar   Guarani to Euro   Guarani to bitcoin   Guarani to yuan   Guarani to yen  
Guatemalan quetzal (GTQ):
Guatemalan quetzal to US dollar   Guatemalan quetzal to Euro   Guatemalan quetzal to bitcoin   Guatemalan quetzal to yuan   Guatemalan quetzal to yen  
Guernsey pound (GGP):
Guernsey pound to US dollar   Guernsey pound to Euro   Guernsey pound to bitcoin   Guernsey pound to yuan   Guernsey pound to yen  
Guinea franc (GNF):
Guinea franc to US dollar   Guinea franc to Euro   Guinea franc to bitcoin   Guinea franc to yuan   Guinea franc to yen  
Guyana dollar (GYD):
Guyana dollar to US dollar   Guyana dollar to Euro   Guyana dollar to bitcoin   Guyana dollar to yuan   Guyana dollar to yen  
Haitian gourde (HTG):
Haitian gourde to US dollar   Haitian gourde to Euro   Haitian gourde to bitcoin   Haitian gourde to yuan   Haitian gourde to yen  
Honduran lempira (HNL):
Honduran lempira to US dollar   Honduran lempira to Euro   Honduran lempira to bitcoin   Honduran lempira to yuan   Honduran lempira to yen  
Hong Kong dollar (HKD):
Hong Kong dollar to US dollar   Hong Kong dollar to Euro   Hong Kong dollar to bitcoin   Hong Kong dollar to yuan   Hong Kong dollar to yen  
Hryvnia (UAH):
Hryvnia to US dollar   Hryvnia to Euro   Hryvnia to bitcoin   Hryvnia to yuan   Hryvnia to yen  
Hungarian forint (HUF):
Hungarian forint to US dollar   Hungarian forint to Euro   Hungarian forint to bitcoin   Hungarian forint to yuan   Hungarian forint to yen  
Iceland krone (ISK):
Iceland krone to US dollar   Iceland krone to Euro   Iceland krone to bitcoin   Iceland krone to yuan   Iceland krone to yen  
Indian rupee (INR):
Indian rupee to US dollar   Indian rupee to Euro   Indian rupee to bitcoin   Indian rupee to yuan   Indian rupee to yen  
Indonesian rupiah (IDR):
Indonesian rupiah to US dollar   Indonesian rupiah to Euro   Indonesian rupiah to bitcoin   Indonesian rupiah to yuan   Indonesian rupiah to yen  
Iranian rial (IRR):
Iranian rial to US dollar   Iranian rial to Euro   Iranian rial to bitcoin   Iranian rial to yuan   Iranian rial to yen  
Iraqi dinar (IQD):
Iraqi dinar to US dollar   Iraqi dinar to Euro   Iraqi dinar to bitcoin   Iraqi dinar to yuan   Iraqi dinar to yen  
Israeli new shekel (ILS):
Israeli new shekel to US dollar   Israeli new shekel to Euro   Israeli new shekel to bitcoin   Israeli new shekel to yuan   Israeli new shekel to yen  
Jamaican dollar (JMD):
Jamaican dollar to US dollar   Jamaican dollar to Euro   Jamaican dollar to bitcoin   Jamaican dollar to yuan   Jamaican dollar to yen  
Jersey pound (JEP):
Jersey pound to US dollar   Jersey pound to Euro   Jersey pound to bitcoin   Jersey pound to yuan   Jersey pound to yen  
Jordan dinar (JOD):
Jordan dinar to US dollar   Jordan dinar to Euro   Jordan dinar to bitcoin   Jordan dinar to yuan   Jordan dinar to yen  
Kazakhstani tenge (KZT):
Kazakhstani tenge to US dollar   Kazakhstani tenge to Euro   Kazakhstani tenge to bitcoin   Kazakhstani tenge to yuan   Kazakhstani tenge to yen  
Kenya shilling (KES):
Kenya shilling to US dollar   Kenya shilling to Euro   Kenya shilling to bitcoin   Kenya shilling to yuan   Kenya shilling to yen  
Kina (PGK):
Kina to US dollar   Kina to Euro   Kina to bitcoin   Kina to yuan   Kina to yen  
Kuwaiti dinar (KWD):
Kuwaiti dinar to US dollar   Kuwaiti dinar to Euro   Kuwaiti dinar to bitcoin   Kuwaiti dinar to yuan   Kuwaiti dinar to yen  
Kwanza (AOA):
Kwanza to US dollar   Kwanza to Euro   Kwanza to bitcoin   Kwanza to yuan   Kwanza to yen  
Kyrgyzstani som (KGS):
Kyrgyzstani som to US dollar   Kyrgyzstani som to Euro   Kyrgyzstani som to bitcoin   Kyrgyzstani som to yuan   Kyrgyzstani som to yen  
Lao kip (LAK):
Lao kip to US dollar   Lao kip to Euro   Lao kip to bitcoin   Lao kip to yuan   Lao kip to yen  
Latvian lat (LVL):
Latvian lat to US dollar   Latvian lat to Euro   Latvian lat to bitcoin   Latvian lat to yuan   Latvian lat to yen  
Lebanese pound (LBP):
Lebanese pound to US dollar   Lebanese pound to Euro   Lebanese pound to bitcoin   Lebanese pound to yuan   Lebanese pound to yen  
Leone (SLL):
Leone to US dollar   Leone to Euro   Leone to bitcoin   Leone to yuan   Leone to yen  
Liberia dollar (LRD):
Liberia dollar to US dollar   Liberia dollar to Euro   Liberia dollar to bitcoin   Liberia dollar to yuan   Liberia dollar to yen  
Libyan dinar (LYD):
Libyan dinar to US dollar   Libyan dinar to Euro   Libyan dinar to bitcoin   Libyan dinar to yuan   Libyan dinar to yen  
Lilangeni (SZL):
Lilangeni to US dollar   Lilangeni to Euro   Lilangeni to bitcoin   Lilangeni to yuan   Lilangeni to yen  
Lithuanian litas (LTL):
Lithuanian litas to US dollar   Lithuanian litas to Euro   Lithuanian litas to bitcoin   Lithuanian litas to yuan   Lithuanian litas to yen  
Loti (LSL):
Loti to US dollar   Loti to Euro   Loti to bitcoin   Loti to yuan   Loti to yen  
Macanese pataca (MOP):
Macanese pataca to US dollar   Macanese pataca to Euro   Macanese pataca to bitcoin   Macanese pataca to yuan   Macanese pataca to yen  
Macedonian denar (MKD):
Macedonian denar to US dollar   Macedonian denar to Euro   Macedonian denar to bitcoin   Macedonian denar to yuan   Macedonian denar to yen  
Malagasy ariary (MGA):
Malagasy ariary to US dollar   Malagasy ariary to Euro   Malagasy ariary to bitcoin   Malagasy ariary to yuan   Malagasy ariary to yen  
Malawi kwacha (MWK):
Malawi kwacha to US dollar   Malawi kwacha to Euro   Malawi kwacha to bitcoin   Malawi kwacha to yuan   Malawi kwacha to yen  
Malaysin ringgit (MYR):
Malaysin ringgit to US dollar   Malaysin ringgit to Euro   Malaysin ringgit to bitcoin   Malaysin ringgit to yuan   Malaysin ringgit to yen  
Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR):
Maldivian rufiyaa to US dollar   Maldivian rufiyaa to Euro   Maldivian rufiyaa to bitcoin   Maldivian rufiyaa to yuan   Maldivian rufiyaa to yen  
Maltese lira (MTL):
Maltese lira to US dollar   Maltese lira to Euro   Maltese lira to bitcoin   Maltese lira to yuan   Maltese lira to yen  
Manx pound (IMP):
Manx pound to US dollar   Manx pound to Euro   Manx pound to bitcoin   Manx pound to yuan   Manx pound to yen  
Mauritanian ouguiya (MRO):
Mauritanian ouguiya to US dollar   Mauritanian ouguiya to Euro   Mauritanian ouguiya to bitcoin   Mauritanian ouguiya to yuan   Mauritanian ouguiya to yen  
Mauritius rupee (MUR):
Mauritius rupee to US dollar   Mauritius rupee to Euro   Mauritius rupee to bitcoin   Mauritius rupee to yuan   Mauritius rupee to yen  
Mexican peso (MXN):
Mexican peso to US dollar   Mexican peso to Euro   Mexican peso to bitcoin   Mexican peso to yuan   Mexican peso to yen  
Moldovan leu (MDL):
Moldovan leu to US dollar   Moldovan leu to Euro   Moldovan leu to bitcoin   Moldovan leu to yuan   Moldovan leu to yen  
Mongolian tugrik (MNT):
Mongolian tugrik to US dollar   Mongolian tugrik to Euro   Mongolian tugrik to bitcoin   Mongolian tugrik to yuan   Mongolian tugrik to yen  
Moroccan dirham (MAD):
Moroccan dirham to US dollar   Moroccan dirham to Euro   Moroccan dirham to bitcoin   Moroccan dirham to yuan   Moroccan dirham to yen  
Mozambican metical (MZN):
Mozambican metical to US dollar   Mozambican metical to Euro   Mozambican metical to bitcoin   Mozambican metical to yuan   Mozambican metical to yen  
Nakfa (ERN):
Nakfa to US dollar   Nakfa to Euro   Nakfa to bitcoin   Nakfa to yuan   Nakfa to yen  
Namibian dollar (NAD):
Namibian dollar to US dollar   Namibian dollar to Euro   Namibian dollar to bitcoin   Namibian dollar to yuan   Namibian dollar to yen  
Nepalese rupee (NPR):
Nepalese rupee to US dollar   Nepalese rupee to Euro   Nepalese rupee to bitcoin   Nepalese rupee to yuan   Nepalese rupee to yen  
New Turkish lira (TRY):
New Turkish lira to US dollar   New Turkish lira to Euro   New Turkish lira to bitcoin   New Turkish lira to yuan   New Turkish lira to yen  
New Zealand dollar (NZD):
New Zealand dollar to US dollar   New Zealand dollar to Euro   New Zealand dollar to bitcoin   New Zealand dollar to yuan   New Zealand dollar to yen  
Nicaraguan cordoba (NIO):
Nicaraguan cordoba to US dollar   Nicaraguan cordoba to Euro   Nicaraguan cordoba to bitcoin   Nicaraguan cordoba to yuan   Nicaraguan cordoba to yen  
Nigerian naira (NGN):
Nigerian naira to US dollar   Nigerian naira to Euro   Nigerian naira to bitcoin   Nigerian naira to yuan   Nigerian naira to yen  
North Korean won (KPW):
North Korean won to US dollar   North Korean won to Euro   North Korean won to bitcoin   North Korean won to yuan   North Korean won to yen  
Norwegian krone (NOK):
Norwegian krone to US dollar   Norwegian krone to Euro   Norwegian krone to bitcoin   Norwegian krone to yuan   Norwegian krone to yen  
Omani rial (OMR):
Omani rial to US dollar   Omani rial to Euro   Omani rial to bitcoin   Omani rial to yuan   Omani rial to yen  
Pa`anga (TOP):
Pa`anga to US dollar   Pa`anga to Euro   Pa`anga to bitcoin   Pa`anga to yuan   Pa`anga to yen  
Pakistan rupee (PKR):
Pakistan rupee to US dollar   Pakistan rupee to Euro   Pakistan rupee to bitcoin   Pakistan rupee to yuan   Pakistan rupee to yen  
Panamanian balboa (PAB):
Panamanian balboa to US dollar   Panamanian balboa to Euro   Panamanian balboa to bitcoin   Panamanian balboa to yuan   Panamanian balboa to yen  
Peruvian nuevo sol (PEN):
Peruvian nuevo sol to US dollar   Peruvian nuevo sol to Euro   Peruvian nuevo sol to bitcoin   Peruvian nuevo sol to yuan   Peruvian nuevo sol to yen  
Philippines peso (PHP):
Philippines peso to US dollar   Philippines peso to Euro   Philippines peso to bitcoin   Philippines peso to yuan   Philippines peso to yen  
Polish zloty (PLN):
Polish zloty to US dollar   Polish zloty to Euro   Polish zloty to bitcoin   Polish zloty to yuan   Polish zloty to yen  
Pound sterling (GBP):
Pound sterling to US dollar   Pound sterling to Euro   Pound sterling to bitcoin   Pound sterling to yuan   Pound sterling to yen  
Qatari riyal (QAR):
Qatari riyal to US dollar   Qatari riyal to Euro   Qatari riyal to bitcoin   Qatari riyal to yuan   Qatari riyal to yen  
Rand (ZAR):
Rand to US dollar   Rand to Euro   Rand to bitcoin   Rand to yuan   Rand to yen  
Romanian leu (RON):
Romanian leu to US dollar   Romanian leu to Euro   Romanian leu to bitcoin   Romanian leu to yuan   Romanian leu to yen  
Russian ruble (RUB):
Russian ruble to US dollar   Russian ruble to Euro   Russian ruble to bitcoin   Russian ruble to yuan   Russian ruble to yen  
Rwandan franc (RWF):
Rwandan franc to US dollar   Rwandan franc to Euro   Rwandan franc to bitcoin   Rwandan franc to yuan   Rwandan franc to yen  
SDR (Special drawing rights) (XDR):
SDR (Special drawing rights) to US dollar   SDR (Special drawing rights) to Euro   SDR (Special drawing rights) to bitcoin   SDR (Special drawing rights) to yuan   SDR (Special drawing rights) to yen  
Saint Helena pound (SHP):
Saint Helena pound to US dollar   Saint Helena pound to Euro   Saint Helena pound to bitcoin   Saint Helena pound to yuan   Saint Helena pound to yen  
Salvadoran colon (SVC):
Salvadoran colon to US dollar   Salvadoran colon to Euro   Salvadoran colon to bitcoin   Salvadoran colon to yuan   Salvadoran colon to yen  
Sao Tome and Principe dobra (STD):
Sao Tome and Principe dobra to US dollar   Sao Tome and Principe dobra to Euro   Sao Tome and Principe dobra to bitcoin   Sao Tome and Principe dobra to yuan   Sao Tome and Principe dobra to yen  
Saudi riyal (SAR):
Saudi riyal to US dollar   Saudi riyal to Euro   Saudi riyal to bitcoin   Saudi riyal to yuan   Saudi riyal to yen  
Serbian dinar (RSD):
Serbian dinar to US dollar   Serbian dinar to Euro   Serbian dinar to bitcoin   Serbian dinar to yuan   Serbian dinar to yen  
Seychelles rupee (SCR):
Seychelles rupee to US dollar   Seychelles rupee to Euro   Seychelles rupee to bitcoin   Seychelles rupee to yuan   Seychelles rupee to yen  
Singapore dollar (SGD):
Singapore dollar to US dollar   Singapore dollar to Euro   Singapore dollar to bitcoin   Singapore dollar to yuan   Singapore dollar to yen  
Solomon Islands dollar (SBD):
Solomon Islands dollar to US dollar   Solomon Islands dollar to Euro   Solomon Islands dollar to bitcoin   Solomon Islands dollar to yuan   Solomon Islands dollar to yen  
Somali shilling (SOS):
Somali shilling to US dollar   Somali shilling to Euro   Somali shilling to bitcoin   Somali shilling to yuan   Somali shilling to yen  
South Korean won (KRW):
South Korean won to US dollar   South Korean won to Euro   South Korean won to bitcoin   South Korean won to yuan   South Korean won to yen  
Sri Lanka rupee (LKR):
Sri Lanka rupee to US dollar   Sri Lanka rupee to Euro   Sri Lanka rupee to bitcoin   Sri Lanka rupee to yuan   Sri Lanka rupee to yen  
Sudanese pound (SDG):
Sudanese pound to US dollar   Sudanese pound to Euro   Sudanese pound to bitcoin   Sudanese pound to yuan   Sudanese pound to yen  
Surinam dollar (SRD):
Surinam dollar to US dollar   Surinam dollar to Euro   Surinam dollar to bitcoin   Surinam dollar to yuan   Surinam dollar to yen  
Swedish krona (SEK):
Swedish krona to US dollar   Swedish krona to Euro   Swedish krona to bitcoin   Swedish krona to yuan   Swedish krona to yen  
Swiss franc (CHF):
Swiss franc to US dollar   Swiss franc to Euro   Swiss franc to bitcoin   Swiss franc to yuan   Swiss franc to yen  
Syrian pound (SYP):
Syrian pound to US dollar   Syrian pound to Euro   Syrian pound to bitcoin   Syrian pound to yuan   Syrian pound to yen  
Taiwan new dollar (TWD):
Taiwan new dollar to US dollar   Taiwan new dollar to Euro   Taiwan new dollar to bitcoin   Taiwan new dollar to yuan   Taiwan new dollar to yen  
Tajikistani somoni (TJS):
Tajikistani somoni to US dollar   Tajikistani somoni to Euro   Tajikistani somoni to bitcoin   Tajikistani somoni to yuan   Tajikistani somoni to yen  
Tala (WST):
Tala to US dollar   Tala to Euro   Tala to bitcoin   Tala to yuan   Tala to yen  
Tanzanian shilling (TZS):
Tanzanian shilling to US dollar   Tanzanian shilling to Euro   Tanzanian shilling to bitcoin   Tanzanian shilling to yuan   Tanzanian shilling to yen  
Thai baht (THB):
Thai baht to US dollar   Thai baht to Euro   Thai baht to bitcoin   Thai baht to yuan   Thai baht to yen  
Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD):
Trinidad and Tobago dollar to US dollar   Trinidad and Tobago dollar to Euro   Trinidad and Tobago dollar to bitcoin   Trinidad and Tobago dollar to yuan   Trinidad and Tobago dollar to yen  
Troy ounce of gold / electronic gold) (XAU):
Troy ounce of gold / electronic gold) to US dollar   Troy ounce of gold / electronic gold) to Euro   Troy ounce of gold / electronic gold) to bitcoin   Troy ounce of gold / electronic gold) to yuan   Troy ounce of gold / electronic gold) to yen  
Troy ounce of silver (XAG):
Troy ounce of silver to US dollar   Troy ounce of silver to Euro   Troy ounce of silver to bitcoin   Troy ounce of silver to yuan   Troy ounce of silver to yen  
Tunisian dinar (TND):
Tunisian dinar to US dollar   Tunisian dinar to Euro   Tunisian dinar to bitcoin   Tunisian dinar to yuan   Tunisian dinar to yen  
Turkmenistan new manat (TMT):
Turkmenistan new manat to US dollar   Turkmenistan new manat to Euro   Turkmenistan new manat to bitcoin   Turkmenistan new manat to yuan   Turkmenistan new manat to yen  
UAE dirham (AED):
UAE dirham to US dollar   UAE dirham to Euro   UAE dirham to bitcoin   UAE dirham to yuan   UAE dirham to yen  
Uganda shilling (UGX):
Uganda shilling to US dollar   Uganda shilling to Euro   Uganda shilling to bitcoin   Uganda shilling to yuan   Uganda shilling to yen  
Uruguayan peso (UYU):
Uruguayan peso to US dollar   Uruguayan peso to Euro   Uruguayan peso to bitcoin   Uruguayan peso to yuan   Uruguayan peso to yen  
Uzbekistan sum (UZS):
Uzbekistan sum to US dollar   Uzbekistan sum to Euro   Uzbekistan sum to bitcoin   Uzbekistan sum to yuan   Uzbekistan sum to yen  
Vanuatu vatu (VUV):
Vanuatu vatu to US dollar   Vanuatu vatu to Euro   Vanuatu vatu to bitcoin   Vanuatu vatu to yuan   Vanuatu vatu to yen  
Venezuelan bolivar fuerte (VEF):
Venezuelan bolivar fuerte to US dollar   Venezuelan bolivar fuerte to Euro   Venezuelan bolivar fuerte to bitcoin   Venezuelan bolivar fuerte to yuan   Venezuelan bolivar fuerte to yen  
Vietnamesse dong (VND):
Vietnamesse dong to US dollar   Vietnamesse dong to Euro   Vietnamesse dong to bitcoin   Vietnamesse dong to yuan   Vietnamesse dong to yen  
Yemeni rial (YER):
Yemeni rial to US dollar   Yemeni rial to Euro   Yemeni rial to bitcoin   Yemeni rial to yuan   Yemeni rial to yen  
Zambian kwacha (ZMW):
Zambian kwacha to US dollar   Zambian kwacha to Euro   Zambian kwacha to bitcoin   Zambian kwacha to yuan   Zambian kwacha to yen  
Zambian kwacha (ZMK):
Zambian kwacha to US dollar   Zambian kwacha to Euro   Zambian kwacha to bitcoin   Zambian kwacha to yuan   Zambian kwacha to yen  
Zimbabwe dollar (ZWL):
Zimbabwe dollar to US dollar   Zimbabwe dollar to Euro   Zimbabwe dollar to bitcoin   Zimbabwe dollar to yuan   Zimbabwe dollar to yen  

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