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Body fat percentage calculator

Body fat percentage calculator allows you to calculate different parameters of your body, such as your ideal weight, body fat and body fat percentage, weight without fat, body shape type, basal metabolism, weight loss metabolism and other. It calculates based on your sex, age, weight, body sizes and activity level.
Age: years
Resting heart rate:
Calculated as the average of 3-5 measurements of the number of heart beats per minute in the morning after sleeping in bed.
Waist (in thinnest point):
Typically, this is place above the navel.
Hips (the widest part):
Elbow breadth:
Stretch your hand parallel to the ground. Bend your fore arm to 90 degree so that your forearm is perpendicular to ground. Use the thumb finger and the forefinger of the other hand and measure the distance between the bones. Measure the hand distance(between your thumb finger and forefinger ) with a scale which is your elbow breadth.
Activity level:
Specify your lifestyle activity level.
Purpose of sport:
Specify purpose of sports activities.