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Measurement units, conversion tables

With the help of our calculator you can find out how many gallons are in oil barrel and milliliters in whiskey pint. Calculator can be useful for everyone: students, engineers, historians and even housewives - in old cookbooks are given very interesting recipes, but there is old product weight and mass that need to be converted to our usual grams and liters.

Over decades of its existence, mankind has invented a lot of physical quantity measurement unit systems. Take at least such physical quantity as length. It was measured by different units such as soles, elbows, sazhens, inches, feet, meters, yards...

At present time, when all world countries in the process of globalization tend to unification and standardization not of industrial products themselves, but, at least, in order to simplify mutual understanding, ways of its parameter measurement, the number of physical quantity measurement systems has significantly decreased. But, as in many cases some traditional national measurement systems, for example, the English system, are yet widespread, very often there is a need for physical quantity recalculation from one system to another. Such a need also occurs in case of reading old books, historical works, where measurement units are often given in accordance with those epochs and countries about which these books tell.